5 Useful Tips to Grow Your Client Contacts List

What is the one thing that determines the success and existence of your small business? The one thing that determines this is its contacts, and not having them means your company won’t grow and your clientele list won’t get any bigger. How can you make your client list grow?

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1: Ask Current/Repeated Contacts For New Ones

The present network will include:

  • Present clientele
  • Successful family and friends
  • Previous high school and university classmates
  • Past co-workers, associates and employers

2: Make Use Of Your Everyday Activities To Work In Your Favor

Believe it or not, your daily social activities offer a number of connections. When you’re out with friends, consider asking if they have other folks who’d like to join you. These types of activities can offer you a chance to market your business in a relaxed environment.

During this time, spend it building trustful relationships. You don’t want to start off the conversation about your business; allow this to come up naturally. Social settings are meant to be relaxing; not a place to talk about business and the issues you may be having. Of course, that doesn’t mean social settings eliminate the thought of business entirely; everybody is constantly wondering about their business.

3: Get Involved With A Professional Association

Professional associations offer you a great chance to network with potential clients/customers. Before you join the association, you should do a little research and be sure it’s the best one for you and your company. Ask questions that include:

  • What membership fees are there and when are these fees due?
  • Are members expected to do a certain amount of commitment?
  • Will there be nationwide conferences?
  • Are members active; are they participating often?
  • How focused is the association
  • Is there a chance for cross-pollination (business and association working together)?

4: Go To Industry-Related Conferences and Meetings

You can expand your clientele list by attending industry-related conferences. These places offer an array of information on the newest industry-related developments, trends, etc. These venues allow for competitors and possible clientele to get together, allowing you the chance to make your business successful.  There are three primary aspects that can help you successful connect with new contacts:

  • Remember your sales script entirely. This doesn’t mean to repeat it from beginning to end; just remember the main points of it and use them during your conversation with prospective clients.
  • Ask already established conference goers for introductions.
  • Send a letter to the people you meet within a week, asking for a formal meeting.

5: Assist Other People In Setting Up Their Network

“You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”. What does this saying mean? Simply put: when you help other people find their clientele, they can help you find yours. So, if you see someone who needs assistance in building their network base, help them out. It may positively come back on you.

Networking is going to take time whether or not you use the above recommendations. It may be months or even years before you see any kind of results from the labor and time you put forth. However, take the time out to connect with the people and they’re likely to remember you when they need your provided services.


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Taylor Stewart is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur from New York.

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