How to Develop A Business Logo that Makes Your Company Memorable

When it comes to brand definition, the logo your company has will take it far. That’s the reason you don’t need to develop a logo on a whim. No matter if you opt to create your own logo or hire a design team to do it for you, putting forth the effort in its development is vitally necessary to your company’s success.

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Be aware that there are several kinds of colors, shapes, pictures and typefaces that can highlight your business, what it does and how it can assist customers/clients meet their expectations.

Highly Memorable Logos You Immediately Think Of

What are some of the businesses you think of when you see a logo?

  • Golden Arches – McDonald’s (uses shape and color)
  • Colored Apple – Apple Computers (uses picture)
  • Coca-Cola Fonts – Coca-Cola (uses type-face)

When you start researching to get your logo, you’ll need to make some decisions about which direction you want to go for your business logo. While there is no right or wrong way, you need to remember that your logo is going to speak volumes about your company. This should be contemplated before settling on a design.

What Guidelines Does the Industry Set?

For the most part, there’s no set rules on the kinds of logos that ought to be used within a certain industry. In saying that, however, there are some basic logo rules you should follow. On the business spectrum, you have the high-tech sector, on the other end you have service-oriented sector. Somewhere along the middle, you’ve got the business to business sector.

  • Service-Oriented Logos – These logos are generally rounded and smooth with the goal of creating an approachable, imaginative perception.
  • High-Tech Logos – These are logos that are angular and chiseled with the goal of creating an innovative company perception.
  • B2B Logos – These logos can include both the service-oriented and high-tech logos with the intention of appearing both innovative and safe.

Where your company falls along the spectrum will depend on your logo. After all, your logo is an extension of your company; it helps in identification, marketing promotions and building client/customer relationships. Be sure your logo is attractive and innovative enough to the different audiences who may be interested in your service/product. You want to positively stand out in the minds of your customers/clients.

3 Suggestions to Use for Your Logo Design

Remember, the logo you design using colors, pictures, colors and typefaces will define your business. Thus, it’s highly imperative that you choose wisely when developing one. There are three suggestions that can assist you in the development phase of your logo:

  • Keep It Simple – Your logo needs to be simple enough so that it can be reproduced easily. Don’t include logos with fine details, gradation or lots of data. People will have a hard time remember these things, and you won’t be able to print them in small sizes.
  • Color – Your logo needs to look good in both color and black. Don’t rely on color as the key design element in your logo since some things you reproduce the logo on may use only the color black.
  • Typeface and Color – If you decide to incorporate color for the logo, choose the perfect color to represent your business. Your typeface should also be considered; choose one that represents and conveys the message of your business.

When you’re in the middle of developing your logo, it’s imperative you remember that your logo is not a changeable element. You can easily change up your business’ marketing message at any time; but, changing the image that’s represented your business is far more difficult to do. Therefore, you want a suitable logo for your business; one that’s powerful and alluring as well as distinctive.



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