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7 Tips for Selling Your Small Business

sell your business

The sale of a small business can be a long and complicated process that requires the assistance of outside help: an accountant, broker and possibly an attorney. The sale will probably take up a considerable amount of your time and energy as you attract the right type of buyers, handle Read More…

10 Tips for New Business Owners

new business

In a perfect entrepreneurial world, established and successful business owners would all share their advice and guidance with people just starting out. I encourage building these types of relationships as they do a lot of good in the business community. Here are the top 10 tips I would give to Read More…

Using Credit Cards to Finance Your New Business

business credit card

Credit cards can easily supply small, growing businesses easy money. But some very serious risks also come with them. There are personal credit cards, and there are cards custom made for small companies. Each one has rewards and benefits. There is more protection provided by the government for people who Read More…

7 Tips for Building a Successful Business

successful business

Beginning a start up business can be extremely rewarding and also very challenging.  If you are willing to keep an open mind and constantly learn new ideas and strategies, you will learn more than those who just stumble along. You can pick up any article praising the lifestyle of working Read More…

Grow Your Business with a Board of Advisers

advisory board

Many entrepreneurs starting a small business do not see the value of forming a board of advisers.  They have a stigma that advisory boards are only for corporations or mega  companies.  That concept is not only false, but should be thrown out with the bath water.  There are many unforeseen Read More…

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