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Tips for Selling Your Business

sell your business

Since every business ownership transfer is unique, sellers should ask themselves some important questions. There is also a common process for the sale of most small businesses. The more informed and prepared you are for the process, the more successful and less stressful the outcome of the sale can be. Read More…

5 Useful Tips to Grow Your Client Contacts List

business contacts

What is the one thing that determines the success and existence of your small business? The one thing that determines this is its contacts, and not having them means your company won’t grow and your clientele list won’t get any bigger. How can you make your client list grow? 1: Read More…

10 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Employees

hiring top employees

The success of any company is strictly connected to its employees and the value they contribute – some of them in a lesser way, others in large degree. Employing should be done very cautiously, meticulously and tactically simply because good recruitment and retention strategies are often times making for a Read More…

Angel Investor Basics

angel investor

What Is Angel Investing? Angel investors are generally a group of professionals – attorneys, doctors, CEOs, former business partners and seasoned entrepreneurs – that come together to help the next generation of business folks. The good thing about these folks is they are generally financially well off and don’t mind Read More…

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