About Us

We created Legal Start to be a free, user-friendly resource for business startups. The concept behind Legal Start began with Rachel Lynn, a law student interning for a group of lawyers in Ohio.

After a few months at the job, Rachel began to notice that there was a sizable gap in the legal industry: No one was providing an easy, affordable way for startups to get the legal information they needed to launch their business successfully.

Rachel began brainstorming about how to help entrepreneurs navigate the legalities behind starting a business, and approached her bosses at the law firm with the idea to create a convenient resource that walks business owners through all the steps of launching a startup.

Her bosses immediately recognized how valuable a resource like that would be to new business owners, and together they created LegalStart.com – an easy-to-use, free portal that provides entrepreneurs with legal information and advice about successfully starting a business.

From formation to funding, the experts here at Legal Start have the information you need to build a successful business, all presented in a simple format that’s easy to understand (even without a law degree). It’s free to join, and as a member you’ll get instant access to our comprehensive library of guides, tutorials, and resources.

At Legal Start, we provide all the information you need to successfully launch your start-up, covering topics such as: incorporating your business, attracting investors and securing funding, growing your customer base, establishing your brand, determining your budget, and much more.

We know starting a business can seem overwhelming, especially when you get bogged down in all the legal technicalities. That’s why we strive to give you the knowledge you need to make good decisions for your business without all the legal jargon and confusing terminology.¬†We arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your startup and build a solid foundation for success.

Whether you want to build up your business in order to sell, or establish a 100 year company, we have the resources you need to accomplish your goals.


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